IF Design Award Concepts

Skipping Rope Charger & Benchair


Concept design for iF Concept Design Award 2009. "Skipping Rope Charger", an educational entertainment for children, entered pre-selection and "Benchair", a chair for sharing, was awarded Design Special of the iF Online Exhibition


May - Jun 2008

My Role

Concept Design

Skipping Rope Charger

Pre-selection, iF Concept Design Award 2009

Skipping Rope Charger is a green product which can charge batteries, encourage children to exercise, and remind them to treasure power. There are more and more children indulging in video games do not like taking exercise, and that is not good for their health. Skipping Rope Changer tries address this issue by encoraging the children to take exercise before playing video game.

Skipping Rope Charger combines a skipping rope with a charger. Children can use it to take exercise and charge the batteries of a portable video game. Besides, they will know the worth of energy when they use Skipping Rope Charger. It reminds children to treasure power.


Design Special of the iF Online Exhibition, iF Concept Design Award 2009

The concept of Benchair comes from Sharing. You can give another one a seat from the chair you are sitting on. Both one person and two people can enjoy Benchair! Benchair has two forms, chair and bench, with a bi-pivot design which helps you easily turn a chair into a bench or a bench into a chair.

Benchair can play a special role in pubic places such as book stores and parks. As you prefer sitting alone, you can use the chair form. When you want to show your kindness, you can also transform the chair into a bench to share a seat with people. Benchair is like a bridge to connect two people who don'’t know each other.