Pre-selection, Hansgrohe Preis 2014


Rollight designed for developing countries can be used to collect and carry water in the daytime and generate electricity for illumination during nighttime.

The poor people have to walk a long distance to collect water as daily routine. But, it seems wasteful and uneconomical to spend their limited energy on one thing—walking to collect water. Moreover, they need not only water but also light for their daily live. Rollight tries to solve the problems.

The rollable water container can facilitate water carrying. The lamps set in the center of the container have electromagnetic generators, which can convert kinetic energy to electrical energy for light.


Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

My Role

Concept Design


Operation instruction

Roll the container to convey water and also enable the generator inside to produce electrocity.

Pull the arms to remove the handle.

Take out the lamps from the center of the container.

Push the button to light up the lamps charged with electricity.