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Acer Remote Files

All your PC files wherever you go

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All your files
Remote Files makes it easy to access files on users' Windows PC from any of their devices over a wireless or mobile network, whenever you like. Users can browse all the files in your PC drives and connected drives, even the stuff inside ZIP files. Users can also upload files stored on their devices to their PC.

Easy sharing
With Remote Files, users are able to convert Office documents into PDF format or compress selected files into ZIP format. Sharing documents and files via emails on mobile devices is easier than ever.

Always available
Through remote wakeup technology, users can put their PC in sleep or hibernation mode as usual and then Remote Files can wake it up whenever they need to get a file.

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I participated throughout whole design process from research, ideation, protoyping, user testing to final implement. The research reports and UI flow were mainly done by me. The visual design shown here was my practice work, not the official design.


Nov 2013 - May 2014

My Role

Interaction Design
Visual Design


Acer Inc.


Concept Development & Prototyping: Chun-Chuan Lin, Bang Chen, Duke Chen, Sophie Han, Cindy Chen, Mike Lee, Ivan Ruan
Research: Chun-Chuan Lin, Michelle Chang, Joie Yen
UI flow: Chun-Chuan Lin