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Acer Care

Keep Your Mobile Device in the Best Status

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Acer Care consists of 5 main functions, Smart Doctor for optimization of mobile phone's memory and storage, Power Management for mobile battery power saving and management, Backup & Restore for keeping users' data safe, Diagnosis Tool for helping users examine the system condition; Support Info providing service information when users' mobile phones are in need of repair.

Acer Care is an app preloaded in Android phone and keep users's mobile in the best status.

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The main user flow and wireframes were designed by junior designers whom I mentored. I participated in concept development and designed a little part of wireframes only. The visual design, which was my practice after work, was not the official one.


Dec 2014 - Jan 2015

My Role

Interaction Design
Visual Design


Acer Inc.


UI flow: JP Chen, David Chen, Miquel Cheng