A team built up by a group of talented people specialized in social media, design and internet engineering with over 6 years’ experience each. Over a long period of cooperation, Hunper was officially launched in June 2016.


Not Just Design, But Inspirations

Throughout analyze and interview, the team will approach what the brand really need to achieve success by using the adequate tools. We work closely with the brand to deliver its core value towards the customers. The tool can be any type of form, ranged from visual designs, a clip of audio or video, a piece of fascinated words. There is no framework to the process, only agile combination of modules to assist in carrying out the brand's own charm. To sum it up, design is just the basic layer of our service as we built along our business intelligence onto the solid foundation.


All-around solution, From A to A+

To form a sound solution, we will consider multiple approaches and deliver the most efficient combination to handle the project. No matter it's marketing, advertising, social media or public relations, we will stand from the "branding" point of view to initiate the best solution after examining the brand closely. In case to assist in promotion and sales afterwards. We are dedicated to deal with dynamic market and construct an all-around plan considered kinds of possibilities. Facing the environment with agile thoughts and continuously refine the solution with creativity.

Digital Design.

Digitalization, Where Sky Is the Limit

We are living in a world without boundaries. The most efficient way to communicate would be using digital products, whether via computer, tablet or smart phone. There should always be a user-friendly interface to introduce the brand towards target users, thus to seize opportunities for further cooperation. UI & UX are two of our domain knowledge. We may provide our best-in- class webpage or app development process so no matter which path the brand proceed, the sky is within the reach.
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